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Hell Hath No Fury

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The vampire virus was running rampant. Several hundred people had fallen ill in Greenbrier alone, and while the afflicted weren’t technically vampires, they did have an unhealthy appetite for human blood. Thus the name. Unfortunately, there was no cure, and the gestation period for the virus was extremely short—just a brief exposure was sufficient to cause someone to fall ill, and in short order, that person would have a single-minded desire to kill. I was one of several scientists working on a cure, assisting my soon-to-be ex-husband, who led the team. My husband and my divorce was not yet...

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YA Cliché

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Late as always, Kimber rushed through the front door of Ridgeview High School, toting her cheerleader’s uniform over her shoulder. Kimber was going to have to hoof it if she was going to make it to class on time. Anthony, Kimber’s best friend, was waiting in the hallway outside the classroom. “What the heck, Kimber? You can’t even be on time for your first day of school?” “Well, I made it, didn’t I?” “Just barely.” Anthony pushed open the door, and the two of them looked around the room for an open desk. The only open ones were at the very front. Anthony’s lip curled. “Thanks a lot, Kimber....

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(Below is the first chapter of a YA novel I am working on.) ___ Kat was livid. Her fool of a client wanted to storm the prison at Larendell to release what he called “political prisoners.” Ha. More like rebels. Not that the distinction mattered to Kat. She glared at Colonel Terrence James as he stood looking over a map of Avendon. “The defenses are formidable, but not insurmountable,” Colonel James said pedantically to his men. Kat rolled her eyes. What an idiot. “If we move quickly enough, we can catch the soldiers off guard and get to the prison before they’re able to bring in...

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How a Phone Case, a Halloween Costume, and a Coat Gave Me Geek “Cred”

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It all started with a purple Jack Skellington phone case. For those of you not familiar with Jack, he’s the main character in a Disney movie called Nightmare Before Christmas. I became fond of Jack because my father loved the character. After my father passed over, I would look at Jack and think of him, so putting the case on my phone was just a nice way to remember my Daddy. Plus, I happen to love purple. But a strange thing happened. An artist whose favorite color is black and who was lead singer for a band called Das Gift (“The Poison” in German), loved the case. After all, Jack’s face is...

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