I was born in Freeport, Texas, a fact that was crucial to my father, who sent my mother “home” to Texas from L.A. so I would be born on Texas soil.  We would subsequently move from L.A. to rural Arkansas, finally landing in Little Rock, where–other than short stints in Nashville and Washington, D.C.–I have lived most of my life.

By training I am an attorney.  I chose the study of law because the legal profession provides a singularly unique opportunity to make substantial change in the world.  For all that lawyers get a bad rap, the truth is that the legal profession has done more to ensure our civil liberties, to protect those who cannot protect themselves, and to promote freedom–both in the United States and elsewhere–than any other profession.  That’s why I chose it.

I am also both a mystic and a practical idealist.  (And, no, “practical idealist” is not an oxymoron.)  I firmly believe that a single individual can make an enormous difference in the world and–more to the point–I believe that one should.